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A stroll in the Bone Orchard

Hey friends! It’s been over a year since we’ve gotten together physically but with more and more folks getting vaccinated and a year of honing our social distancing skills we’re thinking it’s high time we start dipping our toes into the “what comes next?” waters.

We’re mulling over a mask mandatory, distancing required trip to our beloved @laurelhillcemetery on Sunday April 11th – wander around the grounds, say hi to squirrels, enjoy the day. Who’s interested?

We’ve sworn off Facebook, so the planning will be a little wobbly, but keep your eyes on our Instagram Account @deathpartyphl for up to date info!

Carol Orzel at the Mütter Museum

In keeping with February’s DPP meeting facilitated​ by Beth Savastana about the importance of morbid curiosity in museums, DPP member Shawn Porter spent the morning at The Mütter Museum for the unveiling​ of the skeleton of Carol Orzel- a South Philadelphia native with fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP) who bequeathed her remains to the College of Physicians of Philadelphia.

More information can be found on





Death Party at Laurel Hill

A group of Death Party Philadelphia members went on a field trip today (04.29.18) to Laurel Hill Cemetery for a guided tour highlighting some of the Egyptian symbolism throughout the bone orchard. For some of us, it was our first time at Laurel Hill but we’ve already got an encore planned for next month’s meeting. Stay tuned for the RSVP!