Inspired by the current movement of death acceptance and challenging our social and cultural norms concerning death and dying, Death Party Philadelphia is here.

Our main objective is to provide a space for the death positive community to come together both online and in person to discuss current issues related to death and dying. We want to talk about things like living wills and advanced care directives, end of life care, legislation concerning the right to die, home funerals, alternatives to traditional burial and cremation, and anything else that will aid us in making informed decisions about death.

As death positive people, we understand the serious nature of many of the things we want to talk but because we are objective, logical, and have accepted the fact that we are indeed “doomed” to die we’re able to meet these topics with open minds and a sense of humor.

While grief and the process of grieving will come up, we are not a grief support group. Personal religious and spiritual practices are respected but we aim to support the largely under represented secular death positive community and will approach topics mainly as such.

We’re sure it goes without saying but most of us also have an interest in death culture, death history, and most things that are somewhat dark in nature. You’ll probably see that here too.

We probably can’t change the world we live in but we can certainly work on how we die in it.

Party On.