As we say goodbye to 2019, we here on the organizing side of Death Party Philadelphia are infinitely thankful to each and every one of you who came out to our monthly meetings this year; who shared our message via your social media channels, who generously donated to our yearly fundraiser, and, most importantly, who added your voices to the death positivity conversation. We appreciate you.

We’re already working out the scheduling of our 2020 programming year, and we’ve got so much amazing stuff planned so far! First up is DEATHBOOM with our friend Megan Carmichael, who’ll be joining us all the way from Southern California. While we’re going to try to stick with our ‘last Sunday of the month’ scheduling, please note that Megan will be joining us on Sunday, January 12th, 2020!

RSVP and (free) tickets here:

We hope you have a happy and relaxing Holiday season, and we can’t wait to see you next year at Death Party Philadelphia!

Baby boomers are aging, they are continuing to amass financial wealth, they are comfortable spending, they have never been satisfied doing things as they have been done before, and they are going to change the way our society handles death.  Presenting an economic analysis of the current landscape, profiles of deathcare professionals, evaluation of different training opportunities and specific steps for entering the deathcare industry regardless of your professional background, Megan will probably convince you to give your 2-weeks notice by Monday morning (j/k).

About our Presenter: Megan thinks and writes about the intersection of death and daily life for her blog,, and other publications. Her background in marketing and wealth management led to working in the deathcare industry after the loss of her mother in 2017 and her father in 2019. She lives in Ventura, CA with her husband and two young children.

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